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We are always looking for people to be part of our fast growing team, bringing new ideas and opportunities to the community. So if you would be interested in becoming a volunteer please get in touch. Training and Support will be given.

Our simple recruitment system ensures we get the right volunteer for the right role.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities, including:

  • Steering / focus groups
  • Digital Champions
  • Administration
  • Project support
  • Befriending Service
  • Luncheon club cooks

Case Studies/Testimonials


The client, a divorcee and a single mum was referred to PMF by a friend to assist her with her personal circumstances and to help find a job. She spoke very little English, was very shy and lacked confidence. After initial diagnostics a personalised action plan was developed to enable her to develop personally and be in a position to actively seek work. She was enrolled on our ‘Talk English’ and Confidence Building Courses. After 8 months she progressed to and successfully completed ESOL Stage 1. As her confidence grew she started attending the centre on a regular basis to provide domiciliary help, in the process making friends with staff and other service users. She was given the opportunity to volunteer as a cook for the luncheon club. She successfully completed the Food Hygiene Level 1 Course. She really started to blossom, her confidence and self-esteem increased and became an active member of our User Focus Group which is used as sounding board for user feedback and make service improvements. The client was with PMF for almost two years and moved away from Preston due to re-marrying. Two months after moving she informed us she got a job as a cook with a local school.


“Before I came here my English was poor and I wasn’t confident speaking to people. I found it hard to properly communicate, doing basic things such as buying stuff, booking an appointment. Since joining ESOL course at PMF my English has improved a lot. I am more confident having more contact with people and it is a lot easier for me to ask for help and advice.” 

“The staff are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I dreaded losing my Personal Independence Allowance but with their help I was successful in my appeal”.

“The weekly outing to lunch makes an enormous difference to us elderly, very good value for money and every session is a joy to attend, many thanks PMF”.

“ PMF is very convenient to come to for job search as it is in the heart of the community and the Job centre is in town far away”.